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Featured Events

Thu, Oct 01
Facebook Live
Five Minute Film Festival
Come along and join our Facebook watch party! First up - a quick intro to our committee and some pointers on how to join our society. Then, sit back and enjoy a screening of some short films submitted by our talented members. Finally, we'll wrap up with a a chat about life at Queen's!
Wed, Sep 30
Whitla Hall
Meet the SU!
Come along to Whitla Hall to meet your Students' Union Team! Find out about the ways our Student Voice team is here for you. You’ll also hear about Volunteering and Enterprise opportunities; our many Clubs and Socs; or how to access helpful advice! Register at
Wed, Sep 30
Sign Language Welcome - QUB Sign Society
Join us for an introductory live session and find out what our Society is all about, how to get involved in learning and teaching BSL, as well as discovering more about the deaf community. All are welcome.
Thu, Sep 24
Handy Helpers Alleyway Painting Session
Help us transform a gated alleyway in South Belfast into a green have to be enjoyed by students and local residents together. Register now at -