Freshers FAQs

Can I still go to the Union to hang out/study/rest?

Yes! It's still "your Union", and you should be able to feel comfortable in the building. However, there will be strict limits on capacity, and some spaces may be repurposed.

Will I be able to join Clubs and Societies?

Yes you will! More than 200 of our fantastic Clubs and Societies will be up and running and recruiting new members throughout Semester 1. Due to social distancing there will be less in-person activity for now, but there will be plenty going on online that you can explore. As the semester develops, lots of Clubs and Socs will be running smaller, carefully managed physical events too, so just make sure that you remain mindful of all relevant guidance when you attend. You can join any Club or Society, or just learn more about them, by visiting here and checking out the email contact info on each profile.

Will there be a Freshers’ Fair?

Yes, an online Freshers’ Fair will be taking place on Wednesday 30 September and Thursday 1 October. This will allow all our Clubs and Societies to reach new and returning students, spread the word about the amazing things they do, and sign up any of you who are interested in becoming new members for 2020-21. We are really excited to adopt a digital format for the Fair this year – it’s a brilliant opportunity to run an accessible, fun event were you will get the chance to find out what our Clubs and Societies have in store for you this year.

Is the Union building open?

Yes we are open! However we need to do things a little differently - you can find out more here

Is the Union still hiring student staff?

As we will be operating with a reduced capacity there are likely to be fewer shifts than normal, so although we will be hiring some staff it will be in smaller numbers than what we normally do. Any vacancies will be advertised on our jobs page in early September.